Device Discovery


I have a smart things hub which works but wanted Mixtile so my system would work offline. I have lots of lights working on the smart things hub but Mixtile doesn’t discover any of them. Normally i just power cycle the lights as they are the same as Philips hue type but Mixtile doesn’t find any devices. I also Have Osram switch which ant discovered.


Hi Mark,

Which devices are you are trying to connect to? If they are in our compatibility list marked as ‘Full’, then they work well with our hub.


Mixtile Team


I would like to connect Osram Lightify 4 button switch and my lights are equivalent to Phillips Hue but none are found Smart Things finds them all. I also have a Z-wave relay which isn’t discovered



We haven’t developed compatibility for the Osram switch or the Qubino relay yet. We’ll add them to our requested list. If they are popular among our users, we’ll love to develop it for our hub.

I believe hubs from other brands require a Philips Bridge to connect Philips Hue devices to their own hubs. We haven’t added that feature to our hub yet, but you can do it add that feature yourself. If you have some technical background, take a look at this tutorial here



Mixtile Team