Customization documentation



You promised customizable Hub but I can’t find any documentation on customization. How can I customize it? I take it I should be able to use Eclipse SmartHome plugings? Where should I put them?


Hi Alexander,

Sorry for the late reply. Below are some tutorials you can try

Root the Hub
Once the hub is rooted, you can ssh into the hub and access the hub through PaperUI. With PaperUI, you can see the other plugins and create more advanced routines

Replace ESH with openHAB
You can replace ESH with openHAB if you wish. There are many more bindings in openHAB.

Build a customized Linux image
We also provide the BSP layer for the Mixtile Hub where you can build your own Linux system for the hub

For more tutorials: Click here

Let me know if that helps. :slight_smile:


Mixtile Team