Can't factory reset hub


I’ve been trying to upgrade my hub as it was running an old firmware from last summer. I used the iOS app to upgrade to the 1.8 firmware, but after that when opening the ‘Version’ menu it just said there was a timeout. I tried restarting the hub and app but it just did the same.

I figured maybe my config was too old, so tried to do a factory reset (pull power plug, hold down reset button, insert power plug and release when light goes out), but that seems to have messed it up even more. Now the white light comes on, and after a few seconds goes off, and repeats. I left the device for a couple of hours but it still does the same.



Hi Lucas,

The latest firmware is 1.13. If your hub’s firmware is 1.3 or below, you’ll need to update it twice to get firmware 1.13.

The white light coming on and off is not a common issue. If you are still having this issue, please send us an email at We’ll prepare a new one for you.


Mixtile Team