Can't control TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Plug


I just bought the Mixtile Hub. The first device I’ve added is the TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Plug. The Mixtile Hub recognized the device and added it to the system (using the Android Mixtile App), I can see the status of the plug (which I named “lamp”), but I can’t turn the plug on or off. The On/Off slider switch appears to be greyed out in the app. If I use a voice command, the Mixtile Hub replies with “The lamp isn’t able to follow the instruction”. The Kasa app controls the plug with no issues. What am I doing wrong?


Nothing. Is just mixtile that is crappy.
I have several hue lights, Xiaomi products and WeMo. I cannot use any.
From outside I am ‘unauthorized’. Within Lan they are greyed out. Android app.


Mixtile would be better off just to make all their software opensource, so the tinkerer community can take over this hardware stack. Just imagine the power this device could have if it was running with native openhab or supported firmware.


Hi @norris81b

What are your hub firmware and app version? Have you tried removing the device and re-adding it? Also is the on/off switch under state or actions?

Hi @Gabriele_Castiglioni and @2Fast2BCn

Good to hear from you guys again. Thank you for the suggestions. Gabriele, which hue lights, Xiaomi, and WeMo devices are you trying to use? If they are in our compatibility list, they should work properly.


Mixtile Team


My hub firmware version is 1.12.18122508.
My app version is 0.6.6 (188).

I reset the hub back to factory defaults and re-added the TP-Link Plug. Same results. I can status it, but can’t control it.

Removed and re-added the device (TP-Link Plug) without factory reset. Same results as above.


Hi Brad,

We figured out the problem. It appears to be an issue on the Android app. If you use iPhone app or Eclipse SmartHome, it works fine. We’ll fix this issue. Thanks for bringing it up :slight_smile:



Mixtile Team