Cannot connect with Hub



  1. Sorry for the confusion. Connect your smart plug to an outlet. When you’re discovering new devices, press and hold the power button on the plug until it starts blinking blue. Check it these steps work! Also let me know if you are able to discover other devices.
  2. It will be of great help if you can give us more feedback and help test.

Were you able to update your android app to 0.6.4. This version should fixed the unpairing problem that you had



Mixtile Team


I have been already test this action several times. But heve no effect. When I connect smart plug to outlet, it starts to slowly blink. After pressing button diode starts to blink faster and after 20-30 seconds I hear working relay, but diod did not turn blue no matter how long I held the button.

I`m already updated app. Unparing problem fixed on it, but remote control still not work.

I foud over problem with motion sensor. It updetes illuminace status only if motion detected. Thees way some routines triggerd from other devices can not use low or high illuminace state correctly.



This is either an issue on the hub or the smart plug is broken. Please try to remove the starting kit devices from the hub and re-adding them. Let me know the hub could find these devices. Also what is your hub model (US, EU, or ANZ model)?

The remote control issue is fixed in the next hub update!

That is how the motion sensor works. It’s primary function is to detect motion. The illuminance will only update after motion is detected.



Mixtile Team