Any news soon? Please



I am waiting for install the new versión of OpenHub in Mixtile.

I’m waiting for use Ikea and philips lightning.

I’m waiting for use sonoff device.

I will have an answer?



Hi @TiNePaS

The new version of openHAB doesn’t work on the Mixtile Hub yet, but we are working on an update. Once that is done, we’ll publish the new tutorial.

Currently, our hub works with the Philips Hue and should work with Philips Hue White E26 as well. We’re also working on the IKEA E27 light bulb. Are there any other specific ones you are looking for?

We already bought the sonoff devices, but currently needs their API/source code to make their products compatible with our hub.


Mixtile Team


Hi and Thanks for answer:

You should update the Compatibility List so add ikea Lightings.

For the “sonoff”, you remember that is possible install a custom firmware.

Like Tasmota:

and Espurna:



We do have a IKEA on the compatibility list. It’s in the planning phase right now.

Yes, I remember you recommending it to us before. The custom firmware is flashed onto the sonoff devices and may be very difficult for regular users.


Mixtile Team



Any news?

I has see there are project that have a big list the compatibility.
An example is zigbee2mqtt, Did is not possible get the code the GitHub for this project?
Ikea compatibility is must today.

Is posisble install Home Assistant (o HassOS)?


Hi @TiNePaS

Since your last comment

  1. New version of openHAB (2.4) works with Mixtile Hub
  2. Philips lighting can now be connected to Mixtile through the Hue Bridge. Unfortunately, there is not much progress on iKEA lights
  3. No progress on Sonoff

We have another user that got mqtt and Home Assistant to work on the hub. He posted a tutorial on it here.


Mixtile Team


i can help whith develop iKEA lights?



Hi TiNePas,

You could try. I think there is an openHAB binding for iKEA TRÅDFRI.