Android App Availablle


I understand that an Alpha version for Android is available - I am not interested in the experience - I want a complete and fully functional Android app for my Pixel XL with all the capacity of the IOS, if not more?


I as well am waiting for the full app on android. I don’t understand why the app is not ready before recieving the hub.


I can deal with the Android app not being entirely complete, but it should at least be beta and available without having to be manually added by emailing Mixtile to allow download of the alpha - especially considering that a mobile device is needed to set it up.


Mixtile just replied to my question - they are planning to release a newer version of Android this weekend - here’s hoping it works.


Any updates on this android version ?
Is there some other way to set up the hub without a phone ?


We are going to release a Preview version of the Android App in a few days.
And for our power users, we’ll provide a Root Kit which turns the Hub into Development Mode. It allows users to control Mixtile Hub through web browers by LAN. Then you can use the Hub without a phone.
Please stay tuned.


I may not be pleased with all of your answers - but - I am glad to see that Mixtile continues to answer us - Thanks


Any news on the android app? Any dates determined for the release? I should be recieving my hub tomorrow and I rather have a functional hub than a paperweight.

This problem should of been addressed before release, since the hub cannot be controlled without an app, and not everybody uses an iPhone.


We still need several days to test the Android App, today we’re testing for the compatibility on our Android phones. We’re so sorry for your waiting. :frowning:


Thank you for the quick answer. Were patiently waiting :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi , when do you think this will all be in a stable/ complete state ?
Eg.when will I be able to customize things and add custom devices ?


Hi, the complete version of android app is expected to be released in September 10th. At present, we have supported all types of peripherals.

  1. Lock
  2. Lighting
  3. Switch
  4. Temperature / Humidity/atmospheric pressure Sensor
  5. Illuminance /Motion sensor
  6. Contact sensor
  7. Leak sensor
  8. Smoke sensor
  9. CO sensor
  10. CO2 sensor
  11. Gas sensor
  12. IAS sensor
  13. button

You can add independently.


Hi Wendy,

Will that include the ability to add custom devices ? and how do I do that as I can see anyway of talking to it apart from via the phone. I can’t ssh in and now webpage that I can find.



Hi Stephend,
Sorry, the version released on September 10th does not contain users’ ability to open SSH entry and webpage.
This feature will be included on the September 21 release. Hub uses an eclipse Smarthome framework that supports eclipse Smarthome bindings. If you have coding power, you can then write an eclipse smart home binding to add custom devices.


Hi Wendy,
I currently use openhab 2 and I am a developer so no issues there.