Android App Alpha Release


Hi Stephen,
Z-wave devces must take same action like Zigbee device at the device to get into pairing mode. There should be some buttons on the devices. If you take the right action and the hub can not find it still. Then the devices may not be supported yet.


I haver t’he lastvversion (95) And it’s impossible to make the pair (return this user has notat this hub)


Fixes restoring the pairing coses to default.


Click on a device in the android app crashes it. Open again to find no hub, no devices. This is rubbish!


I think is essential a tool to send the bugs to the team, since we are the testers, let’s do it well.


Hi , I have an issue , I turned the sound off at it kept false triggering and now with your last update it wants me to re pair ( which it does regularly and is very annoying).
So as there is no sound how do I do that? As it won’t take the code on the back of the device and I can’t hear the new one.

The other thing is why do you keep changing the pairing code, why not stick with the one printed on the device?



Hi Stephend. Sorry for the inappropriate design of the mute function. I think we must release a hot fix for remaining the pairing code announcement even the system is mute.
The other way to resolve this problem is doing a factory reset, but that will clear all the data in the Hub. So if you haven’t connected too many devices with the Hub, you might want using a factory reset and reconnect the devices with the Hub again (so sorry for that, it’s really annoying). If you don’t want reconnect all the devices again, please wait us release a hot fix. Thank you for your patience.

For your another question, keep changing pairing code is a security considering. It will prevent your Hub to be hacked from the outside (over the internet). It will prevent anyone accessing your hub except the people you have invited. Even us (Mixtile Team) cannot access your Hub because we only know the initial code but after you paired the Hub with a mobile device, the pairing code changed and all communication is encrypted using a random cipher generated by your mobile device.


After resetting for the second time I was able to use the code on the bottom again.
So back in again.
When will we be able to use custom devices, most of the sensors and controllers i have are home made and use mqtt over wifi. I currently use node-red and openhab to control the home. Is there an api or some way to program the system other than the phone.



Hi Stephen, we will release a new feature next week, which will open the RESTful port and SSH port to allow users hacking deeper. Mixtile Hub’s system is based on Linux and adopts Eclipse SmartHome as the middle-layer, I think there are several ways to get it to work with Node-RED and openHAB.


Thanks for the response, my hope was to move away from node red and openhab and have it all controlled by the mixtile device in the future.


Understood. Maybe MQTT Binding for Eclipse SmartHome is an option to connect your home made devices.


App crashes all the time (111)


Same issue here the app constantly crashes as soon as it opens. Have only been able to add 2 buttons so far which is not great.

Also have installed on iPad and cannot setup due to keyboard issues so currently hub is being used a night light!


Same here crashes as soon as I open it.
Also showing 2 hubs


Hi @lojden @Robert_Jackson @Stephend
The most stable version for now is 0.6.1(89). Please try for it.


I have installing problems with the two last versions (115 And 116) And Android oreo


Hi, @luis.serrano
115 or 116 is not stable yet, please try to install and use 0.6.1(89).


If all t’he app versions are inside the hockey application how can I know which one is the stable


Hi @luis.serrano,
We will always release the stable version in the link below.