Android App Alpha Release


1. Please send your e-mail to me by the Message and we‘ll send you an invitation mail.


2. Follow the instruction of the mail to create your account (if you are new to HockeyApp),register your Android device, download and install HockeyApp.

3. Open HockeyApp, login in and authorize your account.

4. Click on Mixtile and press the button to download our App.

5. Just start using like Quick tutorial to setup your Mixtile Hub with iOS App (from step 2).

6. We will release the update of Android App in Announcements. Please Stay tuned.

7. If you got any problem of the Android App, please post in this topic.



Seem there are still a few issues with the android app.
I can’t add devices, it says to select a hub but doesn’t show any to select. I was able to add the hub ok.
It crashes if I try to name the hub.
Also crashes in the routine section trying to add a time based routine.



Hi Stephen.

I met the same problem like yours at the beginning, but after quit the App completely and re-open, I found my Hub and added it successfully.
Same problem in naming the Hub.
By the way my App verion is 0.5.46(28)

Thanks for your feedback, I’ve forwarded to my team members.


Hi Fenix,
I just downloaded the same version you have , but still get the same issues, I even reset the phone to make sure it restarted the app but with no change.



Hi Fenix,
the app crashed and removed the hub, now I can’t add it back, do need to do anything special to get it back ?

I also got an email saying it had been removed from the cloud and that I can’t use it

Also noticed the app keeps turning my bluetooth off



Hi fenix,

I have the same issues.

I have connected to the hub, which did not use the same pair code as located on the bottom of the device. I had to press the reset button for 3 seconds for it to read out the new pair code.

The hub is connected now, and it recognises the mixtile devices, but I cannot add any other devices. When I choose add device, it asks me to choose a hub, but does not give me any choices/options.

Same issue with trying to rename, app crashes.

I am using Version 0.6.1 (34)



@Stephend @David_Timmins Thanks for your feedback. Our team members will follow the bugs. :slight_smile:


Hi Fenix,
I did the reset and got a new code but still doesn’t accept it. Do you need to do something for me to reconnect it?


Hi Stephen,

The Pairing Code should restore to the original one which printed at the bottom of the hub once you reset your hub successfully.

You can follow the instruction below to reset your hub again:

  1. Unplug the DC adapter from the hub;
  2. Wait until the hub light off (means power off);
  3. Press the reset key and keep holding;
  4. Plug the DC adapter to power on the hub;
  5. keep holding the reset key;
  6. Release the reset key till the hub light off;
  7. The hub will reset automatically and reboot.

Hope it would help you.



Thanks Fenix, connected again.
I noticed the David is running Version 0.6.1 (34), but I can’t see anything greater than 0.5.46(28).



Hi Stephen,
Because David is using a different HockyApp which donwloaded from Google Play Store.


Hi Fenix,
How do I get the latest version?
What app is that as I couldn’t see any other hockyapp apps in google play?
Also noticed it said Mixtile Developer, is that a different group I should be in as i plan to be developing stuff for the Mixtile, I have a few devices I have developed, I need to workout how to connect them. Thanks


Hi Stephen,
You can find HockeyApp in Google Play Store like the picture below:


Hi Fenix,
I have that one now and I have seen 2 new updates but can’t see any difference between any of them, none of them work and crash alot.
Can’t add any devices. Is there any other way I can start setting this up without the phone as I don’t see I it working any time soon.



Hi Stephen,
Maybe you could wait for the Version 0.6.2, it is coming soon and will be more stable.


Hi Fenix,

Any chance they can fix the code so it does turn my bluetooth off everytime I start the mixtile app.



Hi Stephen,
Automatically turning off Bluetooth is a bug of the Android App which will be fixed soon.


Hello ,

I have a problem with the android app. I could add my hub with no problems but when i try to add other device, it get a screen where I can read “Choose a hub” ; my hub is not there, it’s just showing an empty screen except for the message.

Can you tell me if i do something wrong or if the app is the problem?

Thank you


Hi Bernard,

You did nothing wrong. Please try Release 0.6.1(77). The problem you report is within the old version.

Thank you for your feedback.


Hi, Fenix,

I can get to the point of adding devices not that it finds any, how do you go about adding a zwave devices as they don’t normally add without taking some action at the device?