A few questions - Volume & API


I’ve just plugged it in, and connected to the hub via an iphone (would prefer to use an Android device, or even better a browser on my desktop, but since neither appear to be generally available yet…)

  1. For the love of all that is holy - how do I set the voice volume? I nearly soiled myself when it said that devices were detected. The default volume (maximum) is garbled because it’s so loud. I can’t find a volume setting anywhere in the app, nor in the guide.

  2. On the Indiegogo page, way back at launch (the 3rd query) was about API and integration with Home Assistant/hass.io. The reply to that was that yes an API would be available, as well as noting that it would be possible (for people with Linux skills) to potentially install hass.io onto the Mixtile.
    While I understand that your focus will be the apps (as should be the case), any idea on when the API might be available?

  3. Based on the “install hass.io onto the Mixtile” comment noted above, I assume that there will be ways to access the device directly (via web browser/ssh into device/something else). Are they available now, or will they be at a later time? Currently when attempting to browse to the IP address of the Mixtile, I get JSON message “Mixtile-Salt-Hash is empty. ERROR_CODE : -1” both before I setup the Mixtile in the app, as well as after I set it up in the app (although local - not using the web login)


Hi Kaibosh,

Mixtile hub does not support volume control right now but we’d planned to release the update including it next month, you can upgrade your hub by OTA then.
We have API and Open Software (such as hass.io) in our plan and just like you said, we’re focus on Android App and compatibility during this time. Please stay tuned.


Thanks… When new features become available will they be posted here?

My Mixtile will be packed away until those features are available, so just want to make sure that I won’t miss them when they eventually are, since I won’t have an active device.


Yes, we shall post the news about new features in the Category ‘Announcements’ and an update on Indiegogo.


Just done the update and we have volume control. Fantastic.